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Please, move on.

ou asked me if I do care about the fact I throw you out of my life.

My answer was that I don' t care at all.

Honestley I am glad that I don't have the worry about your problems anymore and that I completely can focus on the persons that deserve my attention more than you ever did.

I can't realize that I ever did so much things to please you and put that much energy in you.

But now I'm so happy that I throw you out of my life!

My relationship has never been better.

There felt so much weight from my schoulders that moment when you walked out of my life, no stress anymore.

I hope you move on and leave me alone from now, cause I am much better of without you!

So good bye and farewell you are now just somebody that I used to know!

The last day.

The last day, I still remember it all.
It was the day I let go of you, the day of our last kiss and our last goodbye.
I still think I made a huge mistake that moment.
I let go the best thing that ever happend to me.
I remember the tears in your eyes and I even remember the question you asked me before I step into the train, you asked me: "Why are you leaving? You know I love you right?".
I even remember the answer I gave, I said: "Because I see you are unhappy, you want to move on, and make a brand new start. Go for it, and remember I will always love you".
I kissed you good bye and turn around, waved a last time and said Farewell.
When the train starts riding I started to cry, I cried for days.
I would call you, but I didn't. I didn't sleep for days, I couldn't eat either, it was hard, but I survived it.
Now we are many years further, I still love you, I still remember you and I still regret about that moment, but if I had the chance to do it all over, I would still do the same thing, because the only thing were I live for is making you happy, with or without me.